Kym Weldon has always prided herself on giving back and helping others.

That’s why she launched Help for People, a nonprofit that supports people during trying times, and Then Again Thrift, a Patchogue thrift shop that benefits Weldon’s charity.

But she longed to incorporate nutrition and herbs into her philanthropy.

Then she met Goduar Siafu a few years ago and everything started to click.

The two — who moved to Port Jefferson in May — started to run We Live Amazing Lives from home, where they would sell healing sessions and herbs.  

Then while driving through their new neighborhood, they came across a storefront for rent at 116A East Main Street.

Kym Weldon, co-owner of Healing Nature

“I was like wouldn’t it be great if we had our herb shop here where we live, like three minutes away,” she said. “[Siafu] said turn around, let’s call.”

The couple quickly signed a deal and during this past summer, Healing Nature was born.

The shop’s grand opening was Sept. 5.

The two sell a variety of non-GMO, alkaline herbs, which are traditional, medicinal herbs. 

Some of the herbs they sell include chamomile, which is used to help boost the immune system and aid with sleep, elderberry which is packed with antioxidants, and mullein leaf that helps respiratory and lung function. 

When COVID-19 first hit Long Island, Weldon said people would turn to her shop for alternative ways to boost their immune systems. 

“We were helping people breathe better and boosting people’s immune systems with elderberry, sea moss, and all the other herbs we have here,” she said. “Just helping people heal themselves.” 

Healing Nature is all about showing people ways to not get sick, and if they do fall ill, providing them with natural remedies to their ailments, the couple said.

“If you do get sick, there’s an herb for that,” said Weldon. “Mother Nature has provided all those things for us, so we have to utilize it.” 

Healing Nature imports its herbal products from Jamaica, St. Lucia, Honduras, and other warm-climate countries. 

The shop shelves are also filled with all-natural products made by local vendors.

Healing Nature also sells herbal soap, organic body products, sage, and healing jewelry.

This includes copper bangles that Weldon says maintains blood pressure, improves heart health, reduces swelling, digestion, and provides other benefits. 

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Siafu provides healing instruction like reiki sessions, nutrition courses, and outdoor classes in Harborfront Park in the warm months, and Weldon said they will begin to offer private, one-on-one sessions in the winter. 

The feedback from the community has been positive so far, and many visitors have commented on how “good” it feels when they walk in, Weldon said.

“It feels good because the energy we are projected is of love,” she said. “Everything that is packed here is hand-packed by us, with love and good intentions for what we want to do for people.” 

In terms of the future of their business, Weldon said they have plans to expand on Long Island if the opportunity arises. 

She said she is looking to open a “Healing Nature Express” inside her thrift shop, as well as a location in areas that don’t have access to holistic knowledge. 

“It’s all about helping the people to stay healthy, so they can reach their goals,” she said. “Sometimes our health keeps us from doing what we want to do, so if we’re healthy we can do those things.” 

Below are more photos of inside Healing Nature in Port Jefferson.

Top: Herbs inside of Healing Nature in Port Jefferson