In July of 2018, a fire ripped through The Meadow Club in Port Jefferson Station, shutting down the landmark catering hall on Route 112.

Now, two and a half years later, the 30-year-old, family-owned catering hall is back. (Scroll down for the photos.)

The owners say The Meadow Club is better than ever before. 

Kiran Wadhwa, the hall’s creative director, and her sister, Indu Kaur, who is the club’s operations director, still can’t truly believe The Meadow Club is once again open for business.

The Wadhwa family said they received their permits to start rebuilding in March 2019. So it’s been a long-awaited comeback. 

“It feels amazing and surreal, I think we are finally at the light at the end of the tunnel,” Wadhwa said. “It doesn’t feel real yet.” 

Last week was the first official week back in business. This early days back include setting up, and getting back into the groove of daily operations. 

The Meadow Club has undergone a complete, modern transformation.

Kaur describes The Meadow Club as being “brand new” rather than renovated. Those who visit the hall can expect a new outdoor garden area with a fireplace. 

Walking through the doors of The Meadow Club, guests will find themselves in a rebuilt foyer with a grand staircase and other additions.  

Other elements include chandeliers, LED-lit fireplaces, white marble floors, and a piano, with everything else more on trend, design wise. 

“We’ve added quite a bit of elegance to this place,” Kaur said. “You feel royal when a bride walks in.” 

Wadhwa noted they wanted the space to be more photo-worthy — for example, she said, the big, green-wall on the second floor near the bridal suite that’s “amazing” for taking selfies and group pictures. 

“Nowadays with social media, anything being online, that was a big focus for us,” she said. “I know the girls are gonna love it.” 

Other new features include a flower wall in one of the lounges, a room with a makeup vanity dedicated for brides and their bridesmaids, as well as separate bridal and groom suites, which Wadhwa explained is rare for an event venue. 

The Meadow Club also now has private changing rooms for the vendors, another rarity for Long Island catering halls.

The family has also elevated the menu to include gourmet gluten-free and vegan dishes. The cuisine has also expanded to include kosher catering, Indian food, Pakistani, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish, and more. 

The Meadow Club is currently taking appointments, and the catering hall hosted three parties so far. The feedback from clients has been positive.

“Everyone feels like we’re offering something different from what they’ve usually seen, because the venue is so modern and trendy,” Wadhwa said. “We don’t compromise on the quality of anything that we offer, so I think for them, they can’t go anywhere else after coming here.” 

“The place is absolutely stunning,” Wadhwa said. “It came out better than we expected, so we’re really excited about it.” 

Below are more photos of the brand new Meadow Club.

looking to book?

To schedule an event or for more information on the venue, contact The Meadow Club directly at 631-0828-4818 or email  

Top: The interior foyer of the new Meadow Club, provided by Kiran Wadhwa.

All photos provided by The Meadow Club.