Trumpalozza is coming to Port Jefferson Village and parts of Smithtown tomorrow, Oct. 17.

The event, which is a car parade, is being run by the Setauket Patriots, a local conservative, pro-Trump group.

The Setauket Patriots held similar outings in the past, including a Fourth of July and 9-11 tribute marches in Port Jefferson.

The course for the road rally supporting President Trump will begin at noon at the Port Jefferson LIRR station.

From there, the caravan will head north into the village, eventually turning left onto West Broadway.

After that, the group will move west along Route 25A into Stony Brook, then turning in St. James and up to Route 25.

The group will then head back east through Centereach, Selden, and Coram until they hit Route 83.

They will head north back to their starting point, and then up to the corner of Port Jeff’s Main Street and West Broadway where there will be a pro-Trump rally.

To see the exact route click here.

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