Port Jefferson’s only pie shop just turned one.

And the owner of Torte Jeff Pie Co., Lisa Harris, has been blown away by the support since launching her venture last fall.

“It’s been amazing,” she said. “Better than I ever imagined.”

Located at 218 East Main Street, Torte Jeff sells a variety of freshly-baked pies.

There are the classics, like apple, blueberry and peach pies.

But if you are a fan of Harris’ work — she’s the brain behind East Main & Main and Prohibition Kitchen — you know she likes to break the mold and have fun.

For example, Torte Jeff offers chicken parmigiana and brisket pies.

There’s also a variety of other pre-packaged dessert items such as cookies and gift baskets.

“We also now have tales so people can sit and enjoy their desserts,” said Harris.

There are now two tables that sit outside the small pie shop.

To learn more about Torte Jeff and to see their latest creations, make sure to follow them Facebook.

Torte Jeff pie and some of its new seating (courtesy)