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The ability to run camps for kids across Long Island and the rest of New York was very much in doubt this spring, due to the state’s COVID-19 containment measures. 

Then the virus slowed and restrictions loosened, allowing local favorites like The Hidden Pond Day Camp in Hauppauge open for business. 

Parents and children were thrilled.

The Rinx, which runs the camp, said things went well, swimmingly.

“It was a great feeling having all of the kids back at camp this summer,” said camp director Matt Pagliari. “Not only did the kids need it, but I think  some of the adults and staff needed it as well. The greatest thing that came from this summer was that all of our campers and staff were happy and safe with no positive COVID-19 cases to report.”

This summer, The staff and kids of all ages participated in dozens up dozens of different activities and athletic games, such as gaga ball, Frisbee golf, flag football and European handball. Creative performing included dance, music, arts and crafts, STEAM, and lanyard. 

But the staff said the best day of summer was what The Rinx calls Blue and White Day. That’s the annual color war day.

There were modifications made all summer to ensure the safety of children and staffers alike.

But The Rinx reps said campers were as happy as in years past. The staffers were flooded with nice emails, comments and social media posts by parents.

“Following up on the success of day camp, we are now re-introducing many of the programs that our customers are used to seeing,” said Rinx president Tom Palamara.“We have already started youth and adult hockey clinics, puck shoots, learn to skate classes, and figure skating freestyle sessions. 

“As things progress, we plan on providing more programs with the same safety guidelines from this summer along with the guidance of the New York State Department of Health.”

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Summer camp 2020 photos courtesy of The Rinx.