A new steakhouse is coming to Port Jefferson Village.

The Club: A Public Steakhouse is getting set to launch inside The Waterview at Port Jefferson Country Club, located at 44 Fairway Drive, on Thursday, July 30.

The property’s owner, The Crest Group, has been busy this year building The Club where the old Cliffside restaurant used to be. The Cliffside, a former continental and seafood spot, closed Jan. 1 to make way for the new venture.

“Were happy to get part of the summer season in,” said Denise Scidmore, the vice president of sales, marketing and revenue management with Crest Hospitality.

The plan, before COVID-19 hit, was to open in late March.

As previously reported, The Crest Group used the winter to completely renovate the restaurant.

New wood furnishings, marble floors and artwork representing the history of the community now decorate the walls. Circular banquette seating was added to complete an elegant yet contemporary look.

One of Scidmore’s favorite things about The Club is the view of Port Jefferson Harbor.

“Even when your sitting, and your back is to the water, you can still see it,” said Scidmore.

That’s because mirrors have been strategically placed throughout the restaurant.

There are also about 50 seats on the deck for even more panoramic views.

The Club is open to the public and has its own parking lot.

The owners want it to serve as a destination for multiple occasions.

“This is a great place to celebrate a wonderful occasion or to casually dine,” Scidmore told GreaterPortJeff. “We can go the distance.”

The Club will have range and depth to its menu, which includes traditional steakhouse staples, as well as some vegan options, along with pasta and pub-type food.

“You can have someone order our seasonal potpie, a great burger or a porterhouse, and a pasta or chicken dish,” Scidmore previously said. “It’s available to you no matter where you sit (inside, outside, or at the bar) at all price points.”

There will be about 15-20 bourbons on the menu.

Scroll down for some sneak peek photos before The Club: A Public Steakhouse opens this month.

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