The owners of electric vehicles have a new spot to charge up in Port Jefferson.

Last month, the Village of Port Jefferson installed two EV charger spaces in the Salt Meadow lot, about 40 feet from Rocketship Park.

These are the first electric charging stations in the village.

The station, which costs around $25,000, was helped pay for by a grant from the NYSERDA program, said Mayor Margot Garant in a recent episode of her “Zooming with the Mayor” web series.

In that show, she interviewed the village’s parking and mobility administrator, Kevin Wood. He said another station with two ports will be added to the new parking lot that’s coming to Barnum Avenue.

Additionally, he mentioned there are resident-only charging stations behind Village Hall at 121 West Broadway.

Watch the full interview below.

Top: Thew new EV charging station by Rocketship Park (credit: Facebook)