The goal at Marchand’s School of Dance during the coronavirus outbreak has been to “keep a sense of normalcy through dance,” according to founder Marge Marchand.

And of course, keeping the lights on, proverbially, at the decades-old Miller Place business.

Like many small businesses that are reeling from COVID-19 containment measures, Marchand’s is finding novel ways to stay up and running.

Upon hearing word last month that the dance studio had to shut its doors, the team immediately launched a virtual studio.

Now the kids are learning to dance in their living rooms.

“Thank you again Marge Biss Marchand, [instructors] Sommer Marchand Wendelken and Taylor Iannotto,” parent Jennifer Gonzales wrote on Facebook, along with pics of her girls dancing at home. “This was truly the highlight of Llianna and Isabella’s week! We love you and miss you! Xoxox”

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The classes are being held over laptops across the North Shore via Zoom, and all the kids’ dance classes are held at their regular hours.

Marge Marchand said the school also added free classes for the whole family to dance (and get some exercise) together, such as Country Western on Wednesday afternoons and Hip Hop on Sunday evenings.

“We are having a blast together, dancing through it all,” she said.

“This has been such a blessing for Lexington’s well being during these crazy days,” said parent Catherine Sommer. “Margie, you all always rise to the occasion! Once again you have made such a difference in our dancers’ lives.”

Marchand said they expect to hold virtual classes for as long as they have to, with all the school’s dance instructors teaching from home.

Photo: Taylor Iannotto, Marge Biss Marchand and Sommer Marchand Wendelken when they launched their virtual studio last month. (courtesy)