A well worn bit of wisdom often repeated by parents is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here is our addition to that nutritional chestnut: Why not make it killer?

So we went on a search for the most killer breakfasts in all of Port Jefferson and came up with an embarrassment of riches.

It was very hard to do, but we whittled our list down to just five. Scroll down and click boxes 2,3,4 and 5 to see them all.

Avocado Egg Toast at Local’s

courtesy of Instagram

It took a lot of convincing for Sam-I-Am to turn that other dude on to what we still think would be a killer breakfast. Green Eggs? Killer.

Local’s Cafe has the closest thing to a Suessian breakfast that we could find in all the places we go for a morning meal in Port Jeff. They make toast from bread, put whipped green avocado and sunny side up eggs on top, and then attach home fries to the side.

I would eat them on the ferry. I would eat them being merry. I would eat them in the park. I would eat them in the dark. I would eat them on the train. I would eat them on East Main. 106 East Main to be exact!

Location: 106 East Main Street, Port Jefferson, (631) 509-0627.