From the lyrics to the music video, The Como Brothers new song “Take Me Home” is all about Port Jefferson.

The single dropped on Tuesday at a premiere party in Port Jefferson’s new Port Bistro and Pub.

“I fell in love with it instantly,” said Kevin Wood, of Kevin Wood Media, who produced the music video.

Back in February, Wood pitched the idea to collaborate with the Como Brothers, Matt and Andrew Como.

Three months later, the Mount Sinai-based musicians created the song about a girl who leaves home and all she can think about is her hometown of Port Jefferson.

Here are some lyrics:

“Take me home by the ferry dock underneath the stars, home back where I belong, where we used to walk by Theater Three, down the west side of Main Street.”

After the song was produced, Kevin Wood Media directed and filmed a music video. All the shots are from the downtown of Port Jefferson.

“My hope is that it becomes Port Jeff’s anthem,” said Wood.

To hear the song, click the video above.

“Take Me Home” is also available on many streaming services such as Itunes, Spotify, and Pandora.