Four years ago, Selden couple Ronnie and Melissa Booth left corporate America to launch a passion project in their hometown.

Together, the Newfield High School alums opened Coffee Booths, a neighborhood coffee shop at 226 Middle Country Road.

Ronnie, a restaurant manager, and Melissa, who worked for a fabric making company, were tired of working for other people.

“This is Ronnie’s woulda-coulda-shoulda,” said Melissa. “We wanted to do something that we could have our kids with us, something that we would enjoy doing.”

So, they got into their kitchen and began experimenting with different coffee flavors.

“The flavors evolve from things we thought we could make coffee taste like,” said Melissa. “It became a challenge.”

They serve up creations with Kit Kats, Nutella, Rice Krispie Treats, chocolate chips, Junior Mint, and more.

Also, every summer, the couple incorporates an ice cream inspired coffee. This year was waffle cone brownie sundae.

“Everyone really seems to enjoy them during the hot summer days,” said the Booths.

The two, who live walking distance away from their coffee venture, knew they were able to offer a special product when Aldo’s Coffee Company in Greenport agreed to supplied them with coffee beans.

“The owner is a mad scientist,” said Melissa. “If he doesn’t like you he’ll throw you out of his shop.”

Between the creative menu and high-quality beans, the Booths won the hearts of Long Islanders.

“Every year since we opened, we have won Bethpage’s Best of Long Island,” said Ronnie.

It isn’t just the taste, Coffee Booths drinks are extremely Instagram-able, too.

“The coffee is so good; I am dying to go back,” said Gabby Sizemore, a food influencer, who runs the Eating Long Island Instagram page.

Sizemore, who has nearly 70,000 followers, said her favorite part of Coffee Booths is that the owners don’t use commercial syrups.

That’s a biggie for the coffeehouse’s owners.

“Our flavored coffee is made with real ingredients like melted Belgium chocolate, melted caramel, or homemade pumpkin syrup,” explained Ronnie.

In addition to the beverages, Coffee Booths also offers fast, to-go foods like its homemade muffins and breakfast biscuits.

“A lot of people who come in are on the move, so we wanted to give them a great quick eat option,” said Melissa.

The couple is enjoying every minute and is glad they went for their dreams.

Most days, you’ll see Melissa and Ronnie behind the counter creating fun drinks, or near the seating area playing with their children Alex, 10, and Penelope, 3.

“It has been very rewarding,” said Melissa. “We love being together as a family, and enjoy being creative.”

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