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Every week, new merchandise rolls into Port Jefferson’s recently opened women’s fashion retail store, The Village Boutique.

Since opening earlier this year, one of the store’s main focus has been to provide patrons will items they can’t get elsewhere.

“If you are looking for things you can’t get in Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s that’s when you come to us,” said Abby Buller, The Village Boutique’s owner.

The Village Boutique, located at 216A Main Street, carries a variety of clothing items, for ages 16 and up, as well as sizes from 2 to 20.

According to Buller, she closes her shop down every Tuesday so she can head down to New York City to select new, trendy products. In addition to Manhattan, she orders clothing from all over the world, including Italy, France, and the United Kingdom.

“We have plenty of European clothing but without the European price tag,” explained Buller, who works with wholesale companies across the world. “Some of the original prices on our dresses are $140-$150; we don’t charge over $39.99.”

While the quality of her domestic goods are equal to the foreign ones, there is just something fashionably different about the style of European clothing, says Buller, a Queens native.

“The European styles are just different,” she said. “They really are unique compared to clothing made in the U.S.”

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Selection of women tops created by designers in Milan, Italy.

Dresses made and designed in Paris, France.

Overview look of The Village Boutique in Port Jefferson.

Women’s fashion retailer The Village Boutique to open in downtown Port Jefferson