For those who frequent Cedar Beach West— the North Shore beach located by Ralph’s Fishing Station in Mount Sinai—know its a hefty task to get a treat from the main concession stand, which is located more than a half-mile east.

That’s soon to change.

J&B Restaurant Partners, which operates the North Shore beachside bar and grill Tiki Joe’s at Cedar Beach, told GreaterPortJeff there are plans to re-arrange Cedar Beach West’s bathroom building to create a concession stand.

“We’re going to take the bathrooms out in the front and open it up to make a counter,” explained Bridget Alfano, Tiki Joe’s at Cedar Beach manager. “There will also be tables and chairs on the front concrete patio.”

According to Tiki Joe’s owners, there still will be bathrooms located on the south of the building.

As far as operation goes, the service will be more grab-and-go, unlike Tiki Joe’s at Cedar Beach (formally known as Sunsets at Cedar Beach), which offers a sit-down dining experience, in addition to concessions.

“There will be hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, snacks, as well as sunblock and apparel,” said Maria DiLeo, Tiki Joe’s marketing and sales manager, on the new concessions.

Tiki Joe’s expects to open the new concession stand sometime next spring, according to DiLeo.

“When opened, it will operate on limited hours Saturdays and Sundays,” she said.

Top: The bathroom building located at Cedar Beach West in Mount Sinai. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito)