by Margot Garant

mayor, Village of Port Jefferson

The current Garant administration has made significant strides to replace lost revenues to stabilize the village’s financial wellness, while reversing a deficit to a growing $1.8 million dollar surplus.

I have been effective in the fight against the Caithness II power plant and in settling the looming LIPA tax case. Throughout my 10-year administration, tax increases have been minimized while investing more capital in our infrastructure and creating more revenue lines and partnerships.

Our village is prosperous, thriving and has become an international destination for a lifetime or a day. My work as mayor is tireless, yet rewarding, and I am seeking my 6th term because I have more work to do — and a lot of important initiatives in the works.

I believe in community first as we strive to create and protect our family orientated village lifestyle. I also believe in protecting our environmental and preserving and enhancing our recreational assets.

I have rebranded our village with upgraded, uniform signage, increased plantings and pocket parks, founded the ever-popular and successful Farmers Market and proudly renovated a new and award-winning playground at Rocket ship Park.

Beautification is a high priority of mine, and I have enhanced many new pocket parks, making significant upgrades in places like Baker’s Alley, Founder’s Park and Centennial Beach.

I have invested in our country club and golf course facilities, supporting the new restaurant at the TURN and a new fitness center in the clubhouse.

My administration has paved more roads than any other administration, rebuilt the hurricane-torn beaches, replaced the once rat-infested country club facility, worked with the EPA to remediate the Lawrence Aviation toxic plume, and invested parking dollars to build new, safe parking lots in both upper and lower Port.

We are on the verge of revitalizing Upper Port with a new Master Developer and a second New York State-funded affordable housing project successfully receiving county and state grants, rebranding this effort as “Uptown Funk.”

Importantly, we are partnering with National Grid and LIPA to work together to repurpose our plant as part of Albany’s new, green energy footprint — as well as gathering the necessary data to begin work on some coastal resiliency projects to introduce and implement new technologies to prevent flooding in lower Port Jeff.

To protect our neighborhoods, I created a zombie task force to address vacant, zombie properties to have them inspected, maintained and condemned when becoming unsafe, and attractive nuisances.

We have installed speed tables by our schools to slow drivers down within the school zones and successfully worked with the DOT for a new stop light and pedestrian safety initiatives on Main Street and Barnum.

In closing, you can understand and see above that there are many initiatives still in the works, which make it a difficult time for me to step down. I am a 45-year long resident with my law practice in Port Jefferson. I have been your dedicated, proven and accessible leader. I know who to call, when to call and what to ask for when I make the call.

On June 18, I hope you will vote to allow me to continue to serve my 6th consecutive term, because now is not the time for on-the-job training.

The Port Jefferson Village elections happen on Tuesday, June 18, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Village Center. Check back at for a message from Port Jefferson mayoral challenger John J. LaValle.