No Stony Brook Seawolf got “the call” during this year’s seven-round NFL draft, but it doesn’t mean teams weren’t interested.

Immediately following the draft on Saturday night, several Stony Brook athletes were contacted to their gauge interest in joining teams.

Below is the list of players who received an invite to an NFL rookie minicamp.

The difference between being signed as an undrafted free agent and invited to a rookie minicamp is undrafted signees receive an actual contract while the latter gets a stipend during what essentially is a three-day tryout.

rookie minicamp invite

  • Cal Daniels, FB, Washington Redskins
  • Jordan Gowins, RB, New York Giants
  • Donald Liotine, RB, Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins
  • Julius Wingate, WR, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Marshall Ellick, WR, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Shayne Lawless, LB, Chicago Bears
  • Johnathan Haynes, OL, Buffalo Bills

Stony Brook’s football program has come a long way since 2013 when running back Miguel Maysonet became the first Seawolf invited to the NFL Combine.

Since then, tight end Will Tye (2015), linebacker Victor Ochi (2016), and offensive linemen Timon Parris (2018) were activated to NFL rosters.

The fourth to get the call up could be safety Chris Cooper who signed a two-year contract with the Atlanta Falcons earlier this month.

Top: Stony Brook wide receiver Julius “JuJu” Wingate catching at touchdown during the regular season. (Credit: Stony Brook Athletics)