It’s been the source of numerous citizen complains and town building code violations for over two decades, officials said.

That’s how long the old Swap and Shop pawn site on Middle Country Road sat abandoned.

Now the unsightly structure is no more.

On Monday, town officials and relieved Coram Civic Association members were on hand to watch as the old garage-turned-antique-shop was demolished in accordance with  Chapter 73 of the Town Code. 

“This property has been an eyesore for so many years and I am happy that it has finally been demolished,” said town Councilwoman Jane Bonner said.

“The Town has made great progress by cleaning up abandoned residential and commercial properties like this and I will continue to target and remove more of them throughout my council district.”

Here’s how the code works:

Chapter 73 provides a so-called fast track to rid the town of unsafe structures, with the cost of demolition and debris removal being the responsibility of the property owner. 

The town then places a lien on the property, which is then placed on the tax bill. Suffolk County reimburses the Town and then they collect the money from the property owner.

Councilman Michael Loguercio said such blighted buildings lower property values for commercial and residential landowners alike in the surrounding areas.

“They also attract a bad element of people who have a detrimental impact on the neighborhood,” he said. “I commend our law department for their efforts to remove this eyesore and help clean up this very active commercial district.”

To report an abandoned structure in the Town of Brookhaven, call 631-451-TOWN (8696) or go to

Top: Councilwoman Jane Bonner (fourth from left), Councilman Michael Loguercio (left) and members of the Coram Civic Association outside the Swap and Shop before it was demolished Monday in Coram. (Town of Brookhaven courtesy photo)