Port Jeff Brewing Company brewer Dan O’Leary has a new outlet to concoct creative recipes.

The professional craft brewer opened a tea company called the North Shore Tea Co. with his wife Daneal last month. The Port Jefferson couple, which launched the venture on Feb. 14, now sells teas and herbal mixtures online at northshoreteaco.com.

“The response has been great so far,” said Dan, who has shipped his products across Long Island and other parts of the Tri-State area. “And it has mostly been from word of mouth, which is amazing.”

The idea for opening the company began a year ago, after Dan went on a diet.

“I had to cut back on beer, but I loved drinking things,” said the 36-year-old.

He tried drinking more coffee but it was giving him the jitters. Then, one day, Danael gave him peppermint tea — it was off to the races from there.

“It intrigued me; what goes into this stuff?” he wondered. “I always loved tea but I didn’t know how it was made — or really cared.”

That quickly changed, as he soon began doing more research on the topic.

“It blew me away that herbal teas don’t have tea leaves, it’s just herbs,” said Dan.

When he wasn’t making brews at 22 Mill Creek Road, and when his Danael wasn’t at her day job of teaching at Our Savior in Centereach, the two were making blends.

After creating a variety of teas, the O’Learys, who have four children, decided to open their family business together.

The two get their ingredients from around the globe and offer seasonal and year-round offerings.

One of the top items is “Private Stock,” a pineapple green tea.

“It is nice and tropical,” said Dan.

To see the full collection, click here.

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The O’Leary family. (Credit: Facebook)

Top: Port Jeff Brewing Company brewer Dan O’Leary.