Letter to the Editor :

John W Kelsch Sr., Port Jefferson Village 

Some facts should be known.

As a taxpayer resident of Port Jefferson Village, I feel it necessary to inform you and the taxpayers of issues regarding the parking lot you reference (on Barnum Avenue), that should be known.

the article being addressed

Port Jefferson Village to add new municipal parking lot

The mayor and village board on May 16, 2016, approved a bond for $525,000 for the purchase of a house and property the taxpayer are responsible for 10 years. Besides other less annoying issues with this ramrodded deal, in my opinion, the residents have been paying for an unusable mud lot going on three years.

Furthermore, there are only 46 spaces that will be available at the cost of $11,413 per space plus ongoing expenditures such as the “mini subdivision” needed to square the lot at a cost not shared with the taxpayers.
In the midst of this foley, the Village Administration approved a resolution to allow business owners, lacking space for parking—a honey of a deal, PILOP, Payment in lieu of Parking to the sweet price of $5,875 per space.
One wonders why the business community pays less per space than the taxpayers.