Editor’s note: Some menu items have changed since opening. 

Mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and nachos — all served with a homemade cheese sauce.

Those are the staple items planned for a new eatery on wheels called Cheezly’s, which is in the works for Port Jefferson Station.

The company was founded by Mount Sinai High School graduates Cody Kilroy and James Christiano. The two have longed to open a restaurant together.

“We’ve worked in other businesses together, but we always wanted to open a restaurant,” said Christiano, also a volunteer in the Mount Sinai Fire Department, along with Kilroy.

Around two years ago, the friends came up with the idea of rolling around in 24-foot trailer to sell their favorite foods.

Soon the trailer will be located at 403 Patchogue Road, behind the Carvel on Route 112.

“It’s like a higher-end food truck,” said Kilroy, 27.

The food trailer will feature an enclosed deck that will include seats, heating, and air-conditioning.

“We went with the trailer model because we wanted to open as fast as possible,” said Christiano. “Eventually, we want to go brick-and-mortar.”

As far as the food goes, there will be a Chipotle-style ordering system.

There are four steps.

First pick your entree of either mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches or nachos. Then your protein — bacon, chicken (grilled or crispy), short rib, pulled pork or ground beef.

Step 3 involves your choice of unlimited toppings — from vegetables to crushed up Doritos. And, finally, there is an array of sauces to choose from.

“We took all the American favorites that everyone likes and put a build-your-own twist on it,” said Kilroy.

Cheezly’s will also offer a delivery service.

Kilroy and Christiano plan to roll out their newest venture sometime this spring.

The two are happy they picked a location close to home.

“People are tired of seeing this location not being used, so this is a nice opportunity to build it up and make it something the community is proud of,” they said.

Top: (L-R) Cheezly’s owners Cody Kilroy and James Christiano at their newly leased land on Patchogue Road in Port Jefferson Station. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito)