Port Jefferson is playing host to a new business on East Main that’s all about nature.

Luna Nova boutique, which opened last month, sells everything from skulls and insects to natural herbs and spices.

The company’s founder, Hana Arai, left her career as a full-time nurse to launch a store that’s driven by her passion. “I want people to feel closer to the natural world,” said Arai, who lives in Lake Grove.

The 39-year-old’s enthusiasm for nature began as a child, when she started collecting edible plants in upstate New York.

“After years of foraging, my knowledge kept expanding into the animal world,” she said.

That’s when she decided to take her collection of items such as snake skulls, shark jaws and alligator heads and go brick-and-mortar.

She chose Port Jefferson because she loved “the neighborhood feel” of the area.

Her space, located at 116A East Main Street in a former yoga studio, is next to the gift shop and wellness center Breathe.

“Port Jeff is awesome,” said Arai. “The community is really nice and the town is beautiful.”

And, since opening, she’s been amazed by her new, diverse clientele.

“We get a variety of customers,” she said. “From random people stopping by to Stony Brook University professors and professional taxidermists.”

According to Luna Nova, some of its rarest items include its armadillo tale, alligator claws and even raccoon penis bones. Luna Nova’s inventory comes from small collectors to large vendors across the world, says Arai.

“We have many conversation starters here,” she said, smiling.

Scroll down to see photos of Luna Nova and its items.

Top: Luna Nova owner Hana Arai in her new store in Port Jefferson. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito)