For the last 23 years, Port Jefferson Village has celebrated the work and life of popular novelist Charles Dickens with an incredible, village-wide festival.

The plans for this year are no different. On Saturday, Dec. 1 and Sunday, Dec. 2, the village will be transformed into what looks like a scene right out of “A Christmas Carol” and the Victorian era.

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Both days, there will be characters on the streets who are dressed up iconic characters such as Father Christmas, Dickens Mayor, Scrooge and the Town Crier, along with a horde of chimney sweeps.

One of those chimney sweepers will be very familiar to locals.

“This festival is very special to me, launched by former Mayor Jeanne Garant,” said Port Jeff Mayor Margot Garant, who will be playing a chimney sweeper. “We are privileged to carry on the honor of this time-tested tradition in Port Jefferson.”

The event, which is hosted jointly by the Village of Port Jefferson and the Greater Port Jefferson-Northern Brookhaven Arts Council, will run all day, each day.

There’s also ice skating at the Port Jefferson Village Center, a cappella performances by musical groups, Nutcracker performances, magic shows and other shows.

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