After two weeks of being closed, Ruvo East has reopened in Port Jefferson Village.

Ruvo East was among three locations that were severely damaged from a flash flood on Tuesday, Sept. 25. Theatre Three and Old Fields were the other two businesses significantly damaged; they opened back up shortly after the storm.

“[We had] four and a half inches in one hour; it never rains like that, ever,” Port Jefferson Village Mayor Margot Garant told GreaterPortJeff.

Now, after countless hours of cleaning and reconstruction, Ruvo East swung open its doors for dinner yesterday.

“It was a relief reopening,” said Joseph DeNicola of DeNicola Brothers Concepts, which owns Ruvo East. “It was a hardship on everyone.”

According to Ruvo’s ownership, the damage from the rain pouring into the restaurant at 105 Wynn Lane was well into the thousands.

And DeNicola says he couldn’t have proceeded without his hardworking staff.

“My staff was unbelievable and we got the place back together,” he said. ” They showed up every day, they did what they had to do, whether it was cleaning bricks or whatever.”

After being closed, there was support from the community pouring in– wishing for a quick recovery.

“Best restaurant in Port Jeff,” wrote Facebooker Anne Verderber Lennstrom. “So sorry you have to go through this mess!”

DeNicola was humbled by the response.

“We have been here for 12 years and we love the community,” he said. “The people love my staff and we love the people.”

Ruvo East will be reopening full time for both lunch and dinner beginning on Monday.

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Top: Ruvo East wineglass. (Credit: Facebook)