Rock and roll illustrator Gary Kroman has opened a new gallery in downtown Port Jefferson that’s filled with his own unique brand of art — and more.

Those works include the New York City native’s unique, 3D-plexiglass paintings that include lights and car parts also decorated by Kroman

“People come in and their jaws drop,” he said of this new space at 208 East Main Street. “They say they have never seen anything like this before.”

Kroman, who opened Kroman Gallery in August, describes his work as “hippy, celebrity, and rock music-based art.”

“Anything that I have an eye for — that catches me — I am going to do,” he said.

Kroman has a long history working with rock artists dating to the 70s when he was a freelance illustrator for music magazine Relix. He later went on to make album covers and band posters for the Grateful Dead, Hot Tuna and The Flying Burrito Brothers, among others.

But after three decades of more traditional paintings and drawings, Kroman started to get bored of the same old techniques. That’s when he started experimenting with different dimensions and different materials, such as plexiglass and car doors.

“Before myself, I have never seen anyone do anything like this before,” he said.

Over the last seven years he’s been selling pieces through his studio in Florida. That was until his daughter — Alana Miletti, the owner of women’s fashion boutique Fame and Rebel — told him about a space opening in Port Jeff.

“The landlord of this location goes to my daughter’s store all the time,” said Kroman. “He’s a Deadhead… and she mentioned me and he loved the idea.”

Originally, before moving in, Kroman envisioned the new space as a place where he would sell his own work.

“I had a friend come in and sold a couple pieces,” he said.  “Now I want to show different artists here.”

Aside from the original artwork, there’s also prints, posters, and apparel.

Kroman has also adjusted to life in downtown Port Jeff quite nicely.

“It is such a nice place to come to everyday, so mellow,” he said. “It is so scenic here.”

Scroll down or click here to see his artwork.