“The show will go on.”

Those are the words of Vivian Koutrakos, the managing director at Port Jefferson’s cherished community theater, Theatre Three, which was heavily damaged in Tuesday night’s flash flooding.

Koutrakos said about four feet of water overtook the theater’s lower floor.

“We had about a couple inches of mud on everything,” she told GreaterPortJeff during volunteer cleanup efforts Wednesday. “We’ve already filled a 30-yard dumpster and we’re waiting for another one.”

The theatre is now asking for the public’s help to recover.

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The next performance of The Addams Family is scheduled for 8 p.m. Friday night.

“The show will go on,” Koutrakos vowed. “We can have the show upstairs on our main stage without opening the downstairs,” which sustained the bulk of the damage.

The theater’s lobby carpet has since been shampood and the restrooms cleaned up.

“Some of our electronics for the main stage lighting have gotten wet,” she said. “Our light designer has a plan B, if God forbid our electronics are not working. We’ll have to set up a portable dimmer rack for our lights. But the upstairs did not get wet at all.”

“It was the downstairs that was devastated, which included some of the lighting and sound board, and maybe our AC unit,” she added. “But everybody’s coming in [to help]. We’re power-washing now.”

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