Twenty-one million, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

That’s how much money two faculty members from Stony Brook University received to fund their research.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded doctors Esther Takeuchi and John Parise for their plans to expand or develop Energy Frontier Research Centers on SBU’s campus.

Energy Frontier Research Centers are designed to accelerate scientific breakthroughs that will strengthen U.S. economic leadership and energy security, according to an announcement issued this week.

Takeuchi, a renowned energy storage researcher, leads Stony Brook’s Center for Mesoscale Transport Properties, which will receive $12 million over four years for upgrades.

“This funding allows us to investigate the fundamental science that governs the function of batteries,” said Takeuchi. “We aim to understand and then control the electron and ion transport within the batteries toward achieving the long-elusive goal of combining high power and high energy content in one battery system.”

The other $9.75 million will be allocated to Parise, who will be developing a new Energy Frontier Research Center called A Next Generation Synthesis Center.

“Our ability to solve energy problems—such as the production, conversion, and storage of energy—depends wholly on our ability to synthesize a new generation of materials that surpass those currently in use,” said Parise, a professor in the Department of Geosciences in the College of Arts & Sciences. “This award enables us to push that goal forward to develop new and better materials.

These awards are apart of the DOE’s $100 million initiative to fund 42 EFCS nationwide.

According to Stony Brook University, SBU is one of just three universities chosen to receive funds for two research centers.

“Finding new ways to harness and use energy more efficiently remains a global concern, and only through research will the momentum of new energy technologies grow,” said Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, President of Stony Brook University.

“Stony Brook University is proud to be a leader on the advanced energy stage, and it is a great testament to Esther Takeuchi and John Parise that the Department of Energy renewed and selected their respective proposals.”

Top: (L-R) Stony Brook University staffers Esther Takeuchi and John Parise. (Courtesy photo.)