Nearly a year after a miracle baby delivery with the help SCPD officers in a Mount Sinai home, the forever thankful couple asked their son’s hero cop to be godfather.

Jane and Mike Pappalardo first met Sixth Precinct officer Jon-Erik Negron around 1 a.m. on Aug. 22, when he and officer Ferdinando Crasa responded to their home.

Jane had unexpectedly went into labor. Baby Bryce was delivered by his father but was not breathing. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Even after his father removed the cord, the newborn still hadn’t taken a breath.

Negron sprung into action by using a plastic syringe from the family’s kitchen to clear fluid from Bryce’s airway, activating the baby’s breathing.

Suffolk Police released news on Monday that Negron was named godfather. Bryce’s christening was June 23 at Infant Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Port Jefferson.

“He’s been there for Bryce since his first breath,” Mike Pappalardo said. “He’s just so genuine and asked us to keep in touch with him to let him know how Bryce is doing. It made us think, you know what, we want him in his life.”

He continued, “Before even asking him to be the godfather, we felt like he already was. It was an easy choice. We were just hoping it would be ok with him and when we asked him, he said he was blown away and would be honored. We were honored he would agree to be Bryce’s godfather. We consider Jon-Erik family now.”

“We have always had a connection,” said Negron. “I’m just happy to play a role and I’m happy to always be there and always help because I know Bryce is going to grow up to do great things.”

Suffolk Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart publicly congratulated Negron on his next role in life as godfather.

“We are so grateful that baby Bryce is healthy and thriving due in part to our first responders,” Hart said. “ Bryce is lucky to have Officer Negron is in his life as a wonderful role model.”

Negron has been a Suffolk Police officer for 4 and 1/2 years and playing a role in a baby delivery never crossed his mind when he thought of becoming a police officer.

“This superseded anything I imagined on having an impact as a police officer,” he said. “This is probably the most meaningful thing that will happen to me on this job and it exceeded all expectations.”

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