Big upgrades are coming to Port Jefferson Station’s L.I. Pour House that include adding arcade games, new flavorful dishes, and a 140-inch flatscreen TV.

“We want to be a mix of Dave & Buster’s and Miller’s Ale House,” said L.I. Pour House owner Anthony Pallino, who will close his restaurant the week of Fourth of July for staff training.

Back in 2014, L.I. Pour House opened as a BBQ-style restaurant that featured its unique IPourIt system, which allows patrons to pour their own craft beer.

Now, the 33-year-old says it’s time to expand his services to better entertain everyone, especially families with kids.

“We are big into the community,” he said. “We want to give people a place they can call their home.”

the games

To add to the potential for family fun, the Pour House is adding retro arcade games like NBA Jam and Super Mario Brothers. There will also be other games, like foosball, pool and Jenga.

“Before 9 p.m. we want to be a family spot,” said Pallino, who grew up in Selden. “We want to give kids stuff to do, too.”

(Children under 12 also eat free from Sunday through Thursday.)

the new menu

As for the food, there will be some changes to the menu after the recent hiring of veteran chef Steve Abbatiello, previously of Del Fuego.

“He is a great guy, smart, and he knows food,” said Pallino. “We have worked really hard on this new menu.”

The new menu will emphasize sharable foods, like the new pizzas.

“We are going to have a cajun shrimp pizza dipped with guacamole,” said Pallino. “It just takes away your taste buds.”

New appetizers are in the works too.

“We’re going to have bacon wrapped hotdogs dipped in brown sugar,” Pallino said.

the remodeling

Over the last month, the Pour House has renovated its bar and dining area. Some of the changes included adding new flooring and TVs.

As far as that 140-inch screen TV goes, Pallino expects to mount the screen atop the IPourIt system in the coming weeks.

“It’s going to be great watching Giants and Jets games,” said Pallino. “We may even put movies on during the week.”

Pallino, who opened the business with his family, has enjoyed transforming the Port Jeff Station location, which has been a revloving door for eateries over the last decade.

“We are one of the longest businesses ever in this location,” said Pallino.

“And we’re never going anywhere.”

Top: L.I. Pour House owner Anthony Pallino serving up a beer behind the bar. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito) 

L.I. Pour House owner Anthony Pallino pouring a beer at the IPourIt station.

L.I. Pour House’s new bar after renovations.

New flooring that was added throughout L.I. Pour House.