Steer clear of Stony Brook’s Roth Pond, at least momentarily.

The popular campus pond, which is used for the annual boat race, the Roth Pond Regatta, will be closed because of the presence of algal blooms.

The appearance of blooms was confirmed when Stony Brook University completed recent samples, which saw cyanobacteria bloom, known as blue-green algae, in the waters.

Since algal blooms can produce toxins in humans and animals, health officials are asking people and their pets from going in or near the pond.

According to the EPA, algal blooms can be caused by different chemical and physical factors like water temperature or pH change.

If you been in any contact with the scummy or discolored water, seek medical attention immediately.

To report a suspected blue-green algae bloom called the New York State DEC at 518-402-8179.

Top: Photo of Roth Pond by  Khan Nafee M Sadh.