Their eyes lit up when they saw who came to visit. And that included Carly Theofield, 16, and Abubakar Khan,6, who are patients at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.

To give them a break from their daily routines, members of the Stony Brook’s women’s lacrosse team — the top-ranked team in the U.S. — stopped by last week to help lift spirits.

And mission accomplished.

“My former coach is going to be jealous,” said Theofield, who grew up playing lacrosse in Kings Park.

She was in perfect hands.

The undefeated Seawolves currently sit atop Division I as the No. 1 seed. The team also has a player named Kylie Ohlmiller who recently broke two NCAA records for assists and point. She was able to stop by and play catch with the pediatric patients along with her teammates.

Khan was able to impress the ladies with his skills.

“He was great at catching the ball in the lacrosse stick and tossing it back to the players,” said a Stony Brook spokesperson. “He loved it so much he didn’t want them to leave.”

Throughout the day, the lady’s team stopped by multiple rooms in an effort to spread smiles across the hospital.

(L-R) Lacrosse players Kylie Ohlmiller, Brooke Gubitosi, Samantha DiSalvo and Ally Kennedy visit with Pediatric Oncology patient Lauren Keraga.

Top: Midfielder Ally Kennedy plays catch with pediatric patient Abubakar Khan. (Photo courtesy of Stony Brook University.)