What started as new flooring in the kitchen turned into something much more for Toast Coffeehouse in Port Jefferson.

“Just like in a house, once you start in the kitchen then you start working on the walls,” said Toast’s owner, Terence Scarlatos. “And now after six weeks, we pretty much have a new restaurant.”

The new Toast opens Thursday, April 19, at 8 a.m.

One of the biggest improvements to the breakfast favorite eatery, says Scarlatos, is the new dining room that now features a brand-new tap beer system.

“We wanted to take Toast Port Jefferson up another level,” he said.

Toast is also collaborated with the pHoutain Port Jefferson Village health spa to bring in alkaline water filtration systems.

According to Scarlatos, this is all in an effort to bring his North Shore location up to par with his newest ventures in Patchogue and Bay Shore.

“There is a lot of elements to the redesign that are little bits of each store,” he explained. “We started here [in Port Jefferson], and  now we are staying here.

“This is where it all began and we want to own it.”