Stony Brook University is doing its part to handle the dearth of doctors in the U.S.

SBU announced this week it’s now offering Long Island’s first three-year medical program for students pursuing M.D.s.

The shortened program, which typically takes four years to complete, was designed for two reasons, according to the announcement. The first  is to add more physicians quickly; the other is to make it more cost-effective for students.

“The program also provides a notably less expensive way for our students to become physicians and enter the workforce, which remains in dire need of more physicians,” said Dr. Kenneth Kaushansky, senior vice president of Health Sciences and the School of Medicine dean.

By eliminating that one year, students from New York State will save $40,000, while out-of-state residents will save about $65,000.

The new M.D. program will roll out this summer, before the start of the 2018-19 semester. Stony Brook students already chosen for the four-year program can also apply for the new program.

In its inaugural year, a maximum of 15 students will be selected. Upon acceptance, students will be added to the Stony Brook residency program, where 20 medical specialties are offered.

Dr. Latha Chandran

“We are confident training in this program will be strong, as the academic requirements are similar in both programs and the three-year students also have to reach additional academic and professional standards by the end of the term,” said Dr. Latha Chandran, Stony Brook’s vice dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs.

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