One of our least favorite snow activities on Long Island is shoveling driveways — just ask anyone without a snowblower.

But there’s a new alternative; instead of waiting for someone with a shovel to come knocking, you can download and utilize a new mobile snow removal app called SnoHub.

It kind of works like Uber.

(See video below for details.)

The company, which was founded by tech entrepreneur James Albis, uses a free app to allow patrons to request, pay and manage snow management services.

For example, a customer plugs in their address, the length of the driveway and the approximate depth of snow on it. Then, the person selects which type of service they need (like shoveling or salting). After that, they pay and a SnoHub participant is sent to the home or business.

Like Uber, you can track the truck that’s on route.

Upon arrival, the snow remover will take a before photo, and after completion will send a follow up photo of the work. Prices vary, but start at $39.

“We have created a simple and convenient mobile app for homeowners and contractors,” said Albis.  “The SnoHub app is an efficient solution that homeowners and snow clearing contractors can depend on.”

Albis, who launched the company in Fairfield and Westchester counties last winter, now has over 25,000 downloads.

With the expansion, SnoHub is currently servicing more areas throughout the Tri-State area, including in the towns of Islip and Brookhaven — and nearby.

Albis describes his business model as a win-win .

“There are plenty of guys who want and are ready to work, who need extra income, want flexibility, and now they can with the right equipment and motivation to work,” he said.

To learn more, here is a video made by SnoHub’s founder: