An unlikely Christmas miracle happened twice for one Stony Brook family.

Josh and Jacki Grossman had their second child exactly four years apart, with their newest addition coming Sunday night, Christmas Eve.

Both were delivered by the same doctor at Stony Brook University Hospital.

“He said, ‘Am I going to see you in another four years?'” said a laughing Jacki on the reaction from her doctor.

The Grossman’s first son, Oliver, was born two weeks earlier than his due date, which was Jan. 7. And their second child, Elliot Hayes, was due on Dec. 27.

“So, because Oliver came two weeks early I kind of assumed Elliot would come two weeks early, but he didn’t,” said Jacki.

Little Oliver waiting for his new brother to come home. (Credit: Michael Sweeney/Yellow House Images)

Jacki wasn’t exactly pulling to have another bundle of joy delivered on Christmas Eve, mainly because she didn’t know how 4-year-old Oliver would react.

To her surprise, he was delighted.

“He was happy; he ended up getting a brother for his birthday,” she said.

After an exciting Christmas Eve, Christmas was a quiet one for the Grossman family. Jacki cuddled by the Christmas tree watching videos her husband had made of Oliver opening his presents the day before.

But, moving forward, the Christmas holidays for the Grossmans are going to be a bit busier than most people’s. Just when you thought Christmas couldn’t have any more meaning for a family.

“We always had a cake on Christmas that read ‘Happy birthday Oliver and Jesus’,” said Jacki. “Now we just have to get a bigger cake.”

Top: Josh and Jacki Grossman with their sons Oliver and newborn Elliot Hayes. (Credit: Michael Sweeney/ Yellow House Image)

Jacki Grossman holding Elliot Hayes at Stony Brook Hospital. (Credit: Michael Sweeney/ Yellow House Image)

Elliot Hayes after being born on Christmas Eve. (Credit: Michael Sweeney/ Yellow House Image)