The folks at the North Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce are getting set to undertake a restructuring for the new year and beyond.

Starting in January, the chamber, whose territory spans 17 miles across the North Shore, will be divided into smaller, more local chamber of commerces and business organizations.

The North Brookhaven Chamber formed in 2009 when the Port Jefferson Station and Terryville Chamber of Commerce merged with the Council of Dedicated Merchants Chamber (Rocky Point, Sound Beach, Miller Place, and Mount Sinai).

But, now the organization’s leaders believe breaking it up will better serve the communities, mainly because of the sheer size of the coverage area — and number of them.

“With traffic it takes 45 minutes to go from one side of the district to the other,” said the North Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce’s president, Jennifer Dzvonar. “It just makes more sense to go individual towns.”

The North Brookhaven Chamber will still hold this year’s holiday events at the Train Car, like the Christmas tree and Menorah lighting.

As the reorganization continues over the next month or so, here is the list of the regions that will likely have its own chamber or business organizations:

  • Port Jefferson Station and Terryville
  • Mount Sinai
  • Miller Place
  • Sound Beach and Rocky Point
  • Shoreham and Wading River

Top: The North Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce’s Train Car. (credit: Nicholas Esposito)