People in Japan just got a glance at Port Jefferson for the first time ever.

It was all thanks to a Japanese national TV show on Mainichi Broadcasting System, MBS, called, 世界の日本人妻は見た!, which featured Port Jeff’s hot new Japanese ramen restaurant, Slurp.

The program, which translates to “I’ve seen Japanese wives in the world!” had a segment dedicated to explaining life in New York City compared to Long Island.

“When Japense people hear New York they think of Manhattan,” said Slurp’s co-owner Francesca Nakagawa, who opened Slurp with her husband, Atsushi, last year. “So they don’t even know there area places with trees and oceans in New York; they don’t even think Long Island exists.”

The hour-long show, which airs every Tuesday night at 7:56 p.m., is like America’s Funniest Home Video’s because of its G-rating and fun atmosphere, explained Nakagawa.

On Aug. 12, a five-person TV crew traveled from Japan to 109 West Broadway in the village, and in the short snippet above (full video here) they are seen exploring downtown Port Jeff.

“It was so much fun!” said Nakagawa.

Since the show aired on Sept. 19, the Slurp owners has been inundated with loving messages from friends and family in Japan.

“So many people we know and love can’t visit [Port Jefferson], so the coolest part about it was so many saw where we lived, our restaurant, and saw how beautiful Port Jefferson is,” said Nakagawa.

She was even stopped at a Japanese trade show in Manhattan from people who said they saw the show.

“Hopefully somebody who does tourism saw it and we will get more Japanese tourists out here,” she said.

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